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We provide residential and commercial lawn maintenance and care services ranging from lawn mowing to fertilization. If you are interested in scheduling regular landscaping and lawn care services, contact us to discuss your needs. Keeping your lawn green, vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds is what we do.

Our dedicated team of lawn care professionals take great pride in their work. We have the knowledge and experience to improve and maintain the health, functionality and appearance of lawns and outdoor spaces. Our team is made up of experts in the locally occurring flora and fauna throughout Madison and the surrounding areas.

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Whether home or commercial property, Earthlight of Wisconsin offers a variety of lawn care service. Our crew will help you come up with a service plan to keep your grass’ root system healthy and strong. Our list of services include:


Stimulates new growth and helps develop a root system that is able to tolerate the stress of summer and tough Wisconsin winters. We recommend aeration once every one or two years.


Re-establish new growth in bare spots and thicken areas of thin grass. We can match the grass in your yard, giving it a uniform look.


Weeds will kill your grass and wreck your gardens, so keeping weeds from ruining your yard can save you future time and money. Our maintenance crew will help keep weeds from coming back, keeping your yard and gardens growing only the plants you want.


Our Earth friendly, high-quality fertilizers provide the nutrition your lawn needs to be healthy, strong, and continue to grow and stay vibrantly green. Fertilization also helps with weed control - as weeds die, more grass can fill in. We recommend up to 4 applications per year based on your lawn’s needs.


Schedule regular mowing service based on the needs of your lawn. Our team can suggest the best cutting cycle for your yard to keep it looking its best.

Madison Lawn Care

Yard work is time consuming and laborious: Let us do the dirty work so you can enjoy a beautiful, pristine yard. Our lawn care experts will help you get the job done promptly and efficiently.

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